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Artist portfolio Artist portfolio
(Web site)
I made this site for a friend to display his portfolio images. I developed full administrator functionality for the site:
  • adding / removing / editing items within categories
  • adding / removing / replacing images attached to items
  • automatic generation of thumbnails for images
  • editing the list of categories
  • search function
  • enquiry page to send email to site owner.
Additionally, a user management section provides controlled access to the website with user-names, passwords and expiry dates. Another important feature allows all the dynamic information content to be exported as static HTML and images. These can then be downloaded using FTP for use on CD-ROM etc. The static pages look identical to the dynamic pages on the website and all hyperlinks are correctly dealt with. All visuals for the site were designed by the portfolio's owner.

HTML, Photoshop, ASP, ASP.NET, Microsoft Access database
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