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Nucleotide Sequence Highlighter Nucleotide Sequence Highlighter
(C#/.NET Software)
I wrote this application for a friend doing a PhD in genetics. It loads and parses any text file containing nucleotide sequences. It works best with the FASTA format (a common format for representation of nucleotide sequences) because that allows each nucleotide sequence within the file to be identified along with its name.

Coloured edit boxes allow for highlighting subsequences, and regular expressions are supported. A customised text view highlights the matched subsequences with coloured backgrounds.

Additionally there's a summary view in which the location of the highlighted subsequences are indicated on a linear representation of the sequences.
  • Nucleotide Sequence Highlighter
  • Nucleotide Sequence Highlighter

C# and .NET


.NET Framework 2.0: Google for .NET 2.0